Posted by : Ivan LL Saturday, January 25, 2014


Persona 1

Persona 2 v2

Devil Survivor

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  1. please god finish the p2/nocturne ones

    1. you can just check label, its already finish long ago

      smt nocturne:
      persona 1/2:
      devil summoner:
      digital devil saga:
      persona 3:
      persona 4:

    2. Oh wow. My bad, I guess I didn't see these because they're not listed when you click on the tabs at the blog's header.

      Two questions:

      1. Do you intend to do more of the P5 models? If you could do Goro's model that would complete my life.

      2. Do you prefer to keep this kinda unknown? Or would you appreciate if I told more people about this site?

    3. and again, thanks a ton for these. Literally the prime reason I decided to re-purchase GTA SA.

    4. i have goro 3d model, i can rig it someday

      u can tell anyone if you want

    5. Thanks. Can't wait for the Goro model!


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