Posted by : Ivan LL Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Paz - MGS Peace walker

Raiden - MGS Portable Ops+

Kazuhira miller - MGS Peace walker

Izumizaki kana - real play

Lu Lingqi(DLC) - Dw8

Alisa - God eater burst

Joe musashi - SEGA Shinobi

XNFE - Black rock shooter The Game

White Rock Shooter

                                                Soki - Tatsunoko Vs capcom(Onimusha 4)

                                                                  Rikimaru - Tenchu 3

Rin - Tenchu Fatal Shadow

                                                         Shimakaze - Kantai Collection


                                                      More wip model will be added soon....


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    1. its still work in progress,release it someday.

  2. Bro can u please do the GRU soldiers from MGS3 and/or the USSR Male soldiers from MGS portable ops plus???? please bruh iv been looking Everywhere for them and the Gurlukovich soldiers from MGS2 that Raiden disguises himself as

    1. i have gru and ussr male soldier but gurlukovich soldier is only portable ops version the model look bad with game pose so i will rig gurlokuvich again if i have the mgs 2 version with t-pose or any easy pose to rig in gta sa...


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