Posted by : Ivan LL Saturday, April 4, 2015

Minako Arisato Female MC P3 Portable PSP.


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  1. Thank you so much for making all these skins! Have you ever made any skins for characters from the "Tales of" series?

    1. i never really play any tales game before or know anything, but i do have velvet from berseria 3d model

  2. Man this ia amazing :-)
    Thanks for the skin man
    Of you don't mind
    Can you make rig for this model
    It's from persona 3 portable too
    Thanks in advance
    Sorry of my English ia pretty bad

    1. look at label

    2. I already search that but it little bit different with Minato arisato persona 3 portable
      Because of that
      If you don't mind can you rig that again from persona 3 portable please

    3. P3P model is not that good, i don't really interest with it there are already PQ minato which is look better,unless wait P3 Dancing Moon night release, i will try to work with it.


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